In this episode, we speak to Carrie Gorman about the power of supply chain collaboration and how integrating clinical, financial and supply chain knowledge together enables a health system to improve the efficiency, consistency and quality of patient care. 


Today, there are some hospitals where doctors are being asked to standardize; clinicians are engaged in inventory workflow design; purchasing is involved in data-driven and strategic decisions. CFOs are taking notice. But not all healthcare supply chains are working this way. 


Our guest, Carrie Gorman, joins us on this episode of The Great Supply Chain Podcast to discuss how a health system’s supply chain should not only work operationally, but is keyed into factors like data, finance, outcomes and continuum of care.  


As a healthcare account executive at Tecsys, Carrie focuses on how to wrestle with a healthy blend of legacy and modern systems, and how to eke out true inventory visibility.   

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