In this episode, we chat with Meredith Levknecht, Application Services manager, and Cory Turner CMRP, senior director Healthcare Strategy, at Tecsys, about how the theme of sustainability and agility has shifted from rhetoric to reality across the country.


In a recent comment to FORTUNE, Peter Brereton, president and CEO at Tecsys, stated, "The fact that we've now got hundreds of trucks delivering individual packages to doorsteps all over the world is an environmental catastrophe." He went on to explain that the linear supply chains of yore were actually far more environmentally friendly than contemporary ones, and it’s time for a reckoning.

Our guests, Meredith Levknecht and Cory Turner, were both awarded the coveted Pros to Know Award for 2021 which honors outstanding executives whose accomplishments leverage supply chains for competitive advantage. Together, we look at the urgency to be more agile and the supply chain sustainability roadmap across both general industry and the healthcare field.

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